Thank you Doctor Google !

In November 2013 I was walking through the bush on my way to the printer when I began to get severe chest pains. At the age of 38, and in good shape, I was very surprised. I thought I was having a mild heart attack. The attack passed. I held my heart in place and shuffled home. I spent two days in bed, read Stig Larssens awesome trilogy and when the heart had relaxed I approached Dr Google.

I listed my ailments, heart palpitation, shooting pains in the lower belly and excess gas. Dr Google started teaching me about the hiatal hernia. But with Dr Google, all outcomes are possible, it is a choice, and if you do not exercise your choice s/he will lead you to the generic outcome, which in the case of hernia is surgery.

I wanted natural healing so I augmented my search with key phrases such as “healing,” “holistic”, “love” and “music.” It was “music” that pushed me to my healing because when Dr Google saw that, s/he showed me a trumpet players thread, because hiatal hernia is common among trumpeters. Almost all trumpeters on the thread had gone under the knife and had the problem chopped right out. However the last thread some character wrote the very message that pushed me to heal. He wrote all in capitals … DO NOT HAVE SURGERY.

Once I was resolved on that major choice and had decided completely to take the natural path, Dr Google began to really open my eyes to the nature of this ailment in order to heal it naturally. The hiatal hernia is caused by a build up of anger. And if I wanted to heal my hiatal hernia naturally I had to face up to and take responsibility for my anger. Dr Google told me there is one way to do that, ‘speak to Jesus!’

I got to it. I turned off the lights, jumped into bed and began my conversation with Jesus. I explained everything; that I had developed a hiatal hernia. It was a build up of anger. And I needed to release the anger so that I could heal. And so it happened. As if watching a movie about myself in relation to my anger I came face to face with the cause of my hernia. I saw all the experiences, deep into my childhood, that I was holding onto. It took a whole night. I was crying, praying, apologising, scolding, forgiving, letting go and healing.

Next day, I got out Dr Google and typed in hiatal hernia, natural heal. And Dr Google delivered a do it yourself remedy, and a chiropractor remedy. According to Dr Google, a chiropractor can role these things out in a few minutes. I decided to go with the expert. I chose that option and then Dr Google introduced me to a chiropractor in Durban, specialising in hernia’s. I went to see him straight away. He asked me my ailment, I said hiatal hernia. He asked me who diagnosed me, I said Dr Google. He laughed and said he will investigate. He pressed deep into my belly, and said you do not have a hiatal hernia. You have two! And he rolled them out for me. Within five minutes it was all over ! ———

Dr Google is a very hard task master, s/he can come up with anything under the sun. So you have to be sure. Combining Dr Google’s advice with prayer and deep intuitive meditation is a good suggestion. The right answer is out there.

In September 2014, I went to have my eyes tested. I had not done this for ten years. The eye doctor was astonished. He said my specs were double the prescription I required and gave me a new prescription. The day after I got my new glasses I developed tiny transparent pimples on the inside of the whites of either eye. They did not affect me at all other than they were slightly unsightly and I did not know what they were. Dr Google came up with nothing, until one day a friend asked, “What those spots in your eyes?” “Spot,” what a good description. Never thought of that. I ran it passed Dr Google and got the response. Pinguecula. Surgery as always was the common quick fix but it treats the ailment and not the cause. The causes vary from wind, rain, and sun to the liver. Liver you can change. I drew up a shopping list and replaced normal tea with green tea.

And then Dr Google showed me a thread where this ailment is common among surfers. And these surfers are diluting organic apple cider vinegar and dropping it into the corner of their eye. And it is clearing up the spot!

I got hold of Apple Cider Vinegar, with The Mother, and got a little over excited. I missed the corner of my eye and hit the cornea. This was painful. So I found the guy who writes in bold online. Somebody writes in response to the Apple Cider Vinegar cure … DON’T DO IT … I stopped at once. The eyes are something you can’t mess with …

The body is not an experimental station. STOP the treatment. PAIN is a sign that something is going wrong. So I stop and the ache diminishes. And when I see an optometrist. He says, pterygium you do not have to worry, artificial tears and omega 3 will clear it up …

It is important to note that Dr Google will only give you what you are looking for. It is not a healer. I, me, you ,we are the healers. Dr Google provides a comparative analysis. It is important to listen to the body more so that Dr Google. Health is a function of our body mind and soul; health is within and healing is a tool available to one and all, if we listen to the body.



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