The Story of South African Jazz Volume Two

Join the launch events of Story of the Story of SA Jazz to take place in December 2019.
This is a timeous period and what the research in the book describes as “the peak of the 5th ray of SA Jazz.”
This crowdfunding campaign has value to all aspects of arts and culture. Access thundafund campaign here

Exhibition: a number of photographers have donated limited edition images to the campaign. Above is the limited edition poster that accompanies the Soul Jazz Man Reward
Education: The book is built on an archive of interviews and research that expose the power of mentorship in learning
Know How: This book shares learnings and discovery in the nitty gritty aspects of the music rights business and digital economy.
Event: The crowdfunding campaign is to unleash a series of events, thank BASA and ANFASA for their support in this initiative and bring together multiple generations of practitioners.
All support of this work is much appreciated.

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