Music Free-Learning Programme Launching Soon


Good day to you student musicians, S.A. jazz learners, music and jazz teachers. Welcome to our South African music summer course.
In this e-learning, e-music course we are interactive, participatory, provocative and rely on music to be heard, played and enjoyed.

The Music Free-learning course is a task based learning course, meaning that there are 8 distinct video lessons that come with two tasks each, called PRE and POST task. You can download these tasks at the links beneath each video.

You may wish to answer some of the tasks in writing or in audio visual feedback. You are welcome to share your inspiration with us as you go through each and every video or store it for your final assessment.

The FINAL ASSESSMENT for this course is for the student to create a video feedback outlining your inspiration, innovation, learning and unique realization.

The best feedback videos will be rewarded with a free set of The Story of South African Jazz Book series (Volumes 1 & 2).

The future is dazzling. Free-learning is fun, taking you to that special place within where all there is the potential to shine and develop unique and positive ways of accessing the future of your dreams.

Thank you for all your kindness and support. Until next time – stay musical !!!

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