Sausage Film Company’s Music Free-Learning programme grows in strength

Sausage Film Company established 2020 to create valuable free music learning resources.


Music Free-Learning is a unique and multi-facetted digital solution for a win win solution to the current circumstances of the South African music industry and long-term solutions.

The project is founded on the artistic merit of Story of South African Jazz book series by Struan Douglas. This book series is now part of the curriculum grades 10 – 12. 

Music free-learning is the conversion of the Story of South African Jazz Book series into audio visual and curriculum based learning material for scholars, students and young entrepreneurs. 

All Music Free-learning episodes are scripted by high quality authors, rehearsed by the very best presenters, filmed and edited in an effective manner and released in an accessible format in an artistic quality that is popular and practical. 


The Music Free-learning episodes identify well-known and trusted musicians, practitioners and educators from the Story of South African Jazz to present an innovative digital solution for a long-term multiplier effect for music careers and music education.

The musicians and practitioners that Music Free-Learning works with are the most creative and innovative in their field. The best they have to offer to education is brought out through a highly creative interview, scripting, filming, editing and release process – augmented by the production of valuable written educational material.


The need for digital solutions has been met by the initial production of this Music Free-Learning VOD (Video on Demand) series. VOD is open source and always available. This allows the educational material to meet multiple needs and produce multiple results.

Music Free-Learning is highly innovative as it combines a multi-disciplinary approach to the production of this VOD series. Each video in the series includes a researched and written script, a rehearsed presenter performance, a filmed presentation and written educational task-based learning material.

The delivery of the educational material is multi-media and can be accessed through internet, website and email, social media and cellphone data, as well as delivery by hard copy. Partnerships with schools, educators, institutions, business and outreach can make the delivery wider spread.   


The Intention of Music Free-learning and the proposed online curriculum-based learning for South African Jazz fulfils two primary ambitions.

Firstly to alleviate musicians loss of revenue from live performance by promoting their endeavours in the educational space; and secondly to offer some inspiration and empowerment to scholars, students and young entrepreneurs particularly those negatively affected by the isolation of the lockdown.  

In our pilot programme produced with support of DSAC we have achieved these outcomes and now wish to extend this for the benefit of both musicians, educators and students.


The Music Free-Learning Video’s on Demand are at the forefront of new technology in the industry not only in their multi-disciplined production and multi-media distribution, but in the unique and insightful content that presenters bring forward in the education videos.

Significant aspects of the Music Free-Learning curriculum include the music industry where all music worldwide is traced, monitored and traded in an interconnected system of new technologies, as well as live performance which benefits from cutting edge technology.      


An audience develops through action, participation, engagement and appreciation through knowledge sharing. Through learning the true history, continued role and real story of our music – learners, educators as well as practitioners can more clearly define their own role in this never-ending story.


Initial market access happens through fulfilling music educators with their fore-most requirement – free curriculum based education material.

The Story of South African Jazz Book Series is highly relevant to community centres, universities and young entrepreneurs.

To date the Story of South African Jazz at multiple IEB schools in KZN and JHB, has been introduced to CAP schools in KZN and Western Cape and has been used extensively in the USA. These and other partnerships will be extended to introduce the material to as wide an audience as possible.

All interested parties will be supplied with the full list of Music Free-learning course material to be implemented. The course material not only includes the video on demand series but specific pre-tasks and post-tasks for each and a final assignment.


The sustainability plan is built around the presenters of the videos which are the musicians and music professionals. As musicians have been hit hard by the lack of live performance – by shifting their attention to education offers them a longer term career option, revenue and income stream.

The second generation of the sustainability plan is the students themselves.


Students will learn:

The full general knowledge syllabus of both IEB and CAP.
Online technology of video learning and feedback on demand.
Collaborative online skills through a peer-to-peer platform.
Develop their creative skills

Educators will gain:

An archive of resources to apply to both year-end examinations and additional studies.
Improved knowledge base of SA Jazz and musicians and online student communication.

Musicians will gain:

Opportunity to earn through teaching.
Archive of video sessions to serve as a foundation so as to build an online teaching course of their own going forward.

The Industry will gain:

The written material will be packaged into accessible downloads. An online resource will be created for further teachings and instructions. The programme will build an online internet community for all participants.

Follow the programme at

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