African Writer

Having begun his career as a columnist for Big Issue magazine in 2000, Music Arts and Culture Journalist Struan Douglas has continued on this course of “freelance journalism” for twenty years.

As a philosophy and religions of the East, Honours graduate his work has examined the inter-relationship between music and community development, through festivals, venues, education, collaboration and business.

As a RSM music graduate and horn player his work takes close account of African and Jazz music, music performance, recording, history and fulfilment of potential.

As a Durban born, having lived in Cape Town, based in Johannesburg and a frequent visitor to Maputo, Harare and other locations in Southern Africa his work is used in travel publications, in flight magazines and feature to document in particular cultural tourism.

His work is supported and assisted by editors at South African Daily and Weekly newspapers, Business Day, African Independent, Mail and Guardian and Sunday Times as well as in flight magazines Sawubona, Skylife and Pacific as well as music publications Downbeat and Songlines.




What lies beneath





Struan is a writer and musician. He has contributed to publications all over the world and published several books about jazz, freedom and spirituality.

He is based in Johannesburg and is currently contributing to a variety of publications as a freelance Journalist on African Music and community development.

Forthcoming releases include : The Story of South African Jazz Volume Two Book Launch scheduled to take place in September 2019 … Oh Hoerikwagga Shipwrecked release date January 2020 …




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