Struan Douglas is a South African based African cultural writer, performer, presenter, activist and educator. Douglas has honours in Philosophy and Religion from the Social Sciences Department UCT 1999. He studied music and has RSM5 in theory and trumpet performance Ukusa UKZN (2012).

Struan Douglas was born in Umhlanga Rocks Kwa Zulu Natal to Tessa and Robert Douglas in 1976. His early years were dedicated to sport. A near death experience in 1988 shifted his interests from sports to humanities. After graduating from UCT (University of Cape Town South Africa) with honours in religion and philosophy, the career path as a freelance journalist specialising in South African jazz and African music was modelled after Drum magazine on the URL afribeat.com launched April 1st 2000. Afribeat.com content portal is for helping people tell their stories…particular through the lens of music Together with friends and collaborators the recording archives Archive Africa, Wondergigs and Goema Captains of Cape Town.

Since 1999 the career path of music journalism has allowed for contributions to a plethora of publications and many newspaper houses, magazines and media boutique’s. The focus is music, culture, liberation history and social development through festivals, events, education and know-how in the industry and education. The role is manifested in various cultural spaces including tourism and best practice in Africa and the world.

Afribeat publication has included releases from the wondergigs, “Moment in Cape Town,” and “Goema Captains of Cape Town.” And book releases Shadows of Justice with Graham Michael Lesch, Airborne to Africa & The New South Africa and the friends around her with Jim Bailey aka HM Stanley jr, and The Story of SA Jazz, Volume’s 1 – 3 with the South African jazz inclusive on the ground fraternity with musicians, venues, international and friends at large.