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To the Peace on Earth :


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This seminal finding, empowering, knowing and being yourself story is available : In SA from the author direct … on amazon kindle and

A young music journalist traces the mysterious suicide of twenty-seven year old prodigy South African jazz pianist Moses Molelekwa to Ananda DNA, a unique teacher and healer living on a musical farm. Around his whimsical attributes, a colourful group of characters and musicians gather to experience life lived for the moment. Metaphors within metaphors provide a self-styled philosophy for healing of an acute illness. Life, death, near death, afterlife are all experienced through the sound and fury of being. giving birth to philosophies that charge the instincts of heart, mind and soul with intuition. This is a story of soul searching to the sound of Africa.

“Truth is action, a lie is not.” Ananda

This book is written so that history is not distorted

It is ten years since Graham Michael Lesch passed away and his history from the other side has become a crucial testimony for those who seek an honest and accurate account of the politics that shaped South Africa’s past and present.

Some of the quotes helping the great South African truth movement currently underway :

Lesch writes, “Ever since the abolition of slavery, all nations scarred by inexplicable deeds, have revolutionised the ideological errors of their forefathers, creating a civilisation, where human beings of whatever colour, race or creed, should be born with equal privileges, of the fundamental human rights, as established by the League of Nations. Surly this cannot be seen in P W Botha? And if the beast was discovered in Adolf Hitler and the Anti-Christ in Mussolini – evidently this can be seen in presidents Botha, Vorster and Malan. Hendrik Verwoed paved the way for these Tsetse flies to place British mentality in their Statute books. Those same men were the reincarnation of the Anti-Christs for which humans paid the price. Along came FW De Klerk covered their crimes by financing Inkhata and now these Tsetse flies hold the honours for all the inhumanities without any shame, and so the victims passed through the bowels of Christ.” From the book Shadows of Justice.

ousting the criminal … In the book Shadows of Justice by Graham Michael Lesch, there is a long list of crimes since 1985 and the perpetrators are known. In the chapter “False Profits” Shadows of Justice follows the theft of funds from the injured and disabled in 1997 by “comrades in the struggle.” Zuma said, “he would remember his friends.” Lesch said, “Birds of a feather flock together.” …

Lesch writes : “In 1620 two ships of the British East India Company called at the Cape…declared it the property of the British crown. Dutch followed and landed in Table Bay April 6th 1652 … there ensued a devils dance seldom paralleled in human history … ”

Lesch writes “The real fight today is against inhuman, relentless exercise of capitalistic power. The present struggle is for social and industrial justice. The same foreign powers that supported the Nationalist government are the same sources behind much of the skullduggery.”

As South Africans we stand united in an accurate telling of history so that we may have peace on the present and a prosperous future  …

Struan Douglas
April 2017

Home of : The Story of South African Jazz

A powerful, purposeful and precise presentation of all there ever was and will be from a jazz perspective :

The Story of South African Jazz is a three part series … built on a succinct timeline that traces the evolution and involution of SA jazz through five distinct ‘rays’ of jazz from the early days, through exile and inxile to the current days… and beyond. We are in the 5th ray.

Volume One was published in 2012. Volume Two is currently being written : It is an open source and eternally manifested initiative so any insights anecdotes or contributions to the story of South African Jazz are welcomed at email :

The Story of SA Jazz Volume One by Struan Douglas