Struan Douglas BOOKS are available in print in South Africa or online via amazon kindle  or lulu Current editions  printed in Durban at BK Bookbinders or supplied on demand from strubuntu at

Towards the Peace on Earth

The mysterious suicide of pianist Moses Molelekwa triggered a music journalist to investigate, only to find questions of the self. On a legendary farm out in Cullinan and in the presence of a Buddha soul he revisits his own trauma to heal in order to become whole in the light of love and the instinctual principles of the heart to re-enter the great collective consciousness of all that IS. Based on the true story of a Frenchman in South Africa, the incomparable Ananda, this is a life changing story of healing and rejuvenation through celebration and initiation.
The story is told in a mystical allegory which takes the reader toward the peace in one-self and the uniting philosophy of light LOVE and life, and the empowering experience of unlimited potential, change and GOD consciousness. read more

The Story of SA JAZZ Volume One : A compilation of interviews and articles covering the 5 distinct and dynamic “rays” of SA Jazz. This volume traces South African Jazz through its early roots in ‘The Golden era,’ to the ‘Age of Exile,’ into the Age of Experimentation, through the Age of Examination, until today – the fifth ray, an age of celebration. This book follows the unique and grand sound of SA jazz in an energetic diamond from coast to coast, from Cape goema jazz to Xhosa Africa Cape Jazz, to the big sound of Durban jazz and Johannesburg’s many jazz styles.

New South Africa and the Friends Around Her: A collection of poetry that offers a unique perspective from a unique man who lived a life like no other. Jim was the son of Sir Abe Bailey, an English gold and land baron in South Africa. This collection of Jim Bailey’s poetry is a crucial perspective that awakens the reader to the thrilling abundance of Southern Africa and all the friends around her. Compassion and love exists, is lived and experienced.

Airborne to Africa: A life lived in Africa to the pace of African Independence, the posthumous collection of the poems that described Jim Bailey’s love for Africa – the history, mystery and beauty, accompanied by photographs from Struan Douglas in Africa.

Shadows of Justice by Graham Michael Lesch : This is a biography, and a ‘history from   the other side.’ It is an education into South Africa’s fascist. The author spent more than 27 years in more than 12 jails and through his great changes in life preserved a humorous way of telling his story. He asked, what was the struggle all about? The author was dyslexic and learnt to read after shock treatment. read more 

CRYPTIC CYNIC by  Adams sense of humour brings spiritual philosophy and practical solutions into the consciousness of all who have the pleasure to enjoy these works. also by Adam, HAPPY LANDINGS ON SPACESHIP EARTH

Cryptic Cynic by Adam Knight

Cryptic Cynic by Adam Knight


Struan is currently working on Holy Hoer!kwaggo : Corresponding Correspondences from Cape Town and the Story of South African Jazz Volume Two


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