The internet is the awakening of the information age and the manifestation of the intuition age. It is a for-runner of telepathic communication. The internet has awoken us to the notions of inter-connectivity, instant connectivity and oneness. As the changes are happening without so they are happening within in an interconnected creation of glorious perfection. We are awakening !

SELF PUBLISHING = SELF EMPOWERMENT … A WRITER BUT is TASKED WITH THE SHARING OF LIGHT, LOVE AND LIFE ? I can help you to institute a 7P custom designed and sustainable publishing process…
1. PURPOSE : Council an author’s awareness
2. PREPARATION : Develop concepts and edit fully and exhaustively
3. PRESENTATION : Design simply and neatly.
4. PACKAGING : Network through various editions for various markets
5. POSITIONING : Publish your material into various outlets – physical and digital
6. PUBLIC : Market the work through crowdfunding of necessary
7. PUBLISHING SELF: Manage your publishing imprint as a business.

Welcome my friends. Stake your claim to yourself. You can hire my services in the following capacities.

  1. Ghost-writing: I offer writing services, cost on request – per word count.
  2. Editing: I offer book editing services, cost on request. The edit is a three step process that goes through proof, referee and print editions before being complete. The basic rule is the more corrections the merrier.
  3. Formatting Lay-out and type-setting: I offer a full print layout to authors requirements in a cost effective and professional lay-out software for print.
  4. Cover Design: I offer full cover design option depending on author requirements including logo, isbn, cover design, spine width and back-page blurb.
  5. Formatting for E-book & Ibook: The digital revolution is a revolution in sharing our creative works and an evolution in consciousness. I provide E-book lay-out and type-sitting for E-book release platforms such as Kobo and I-book release platforms for Apple.
  6. Formatting for Kindle: I provide special kindle formatting for an Amazon release.

    Self empowerment is the first step in other empowerment.

    Publishing yourself is a powerful development strategy. It brings the individual, the family and the community together because that is what sustains it.

    Publishing yourself is a great tool of education – bridging the gap between self expression and the sharing of knowledge, bringing wisdom, healing, transformation, humanity and truth into your creative output.

    Publishing self is a tool of equality. It removes any perceived gaps in information, understanding and accessibility and brings light to previously disadvantaged areas.

    Great works can now live on benefiting the authors of those works.

    Projects successfully completed: Authors include African Midwife Institute for Dr Lungile Bhengu, Pleiades Isilimela for Vusi Mchunu and Cryptic Cynic for Adam Knight, as well as all projects