WHAT IS A WRITER BUT HE OR SHE TASKED WITH THE SHARING OF LIGHT, LOVE AND LIFE ? The task at hand is to release all the creative blockages and set creativity free. Self publishing has brought the wheel to work to turn a full circle. There is benefit to ALL through self publishing. The writer depends on the reader to exist as a writer. There is a natural gateway between reader and writer. We create our narratives, we create our reality; because creativity is free!

THE SELF PUBLISHING SEMINAR : I have helped many independent authors to unleash their creativity and release their writing :

self-publishing is changing the publishing industry … from conception to completion one can do it one’s self

Philosophy: For years the beast (judgement) held power of beauty (creativity). For years creativity was made to bow at the foot of judgement and for years live off crumbs from the plate of the dogs of war. Creativity was to become so fulled with humility that her true colours blossomed. Creativity believed in herself. She chose not to seek out the strange gamble between rejection and acceptance that judgement dished out and chose to walk her own path. As creativity closed the door of the beast behind her and the groan of the printing presses working deep within its’ belly a new door opened. And behold this day is upon us. Creativity is free!

Welcome my friends. Stake your claim to yourself. “I am that I am”. It is that it is. And the rest is history. The task at hand is to release all the creative blockages that have built up on the back of the billions and billions of manifestations of creativity all over the world that were supressed. The digital age has created the platfrm for release of creativite expression. Bring it on. There is no rejection, only acceptance. This is the true path. You have the capacity to decide for yourself. Is my work proficient, is my work sufficient? Is my work my work? Only you should answer these questions. And when we speak of you we start to speak of the highest aspects of yourself. You decide but that is you in relation to all the different friends, opinions and ideas around you. It is you in relation to the greatest you, you can possibly manifest. And the greatest YOU in the words of Mohammed Ali is WE !

Self publishing has brought the wheel to turn full circle. We all benefit through self publishing. The writer depends on the reader to exist as a writer. We are a human family throwing out an old system where middle men decide for us to a new system where we choose for ourselves and connect directly with the end user. We create our narratives, we create our reality. Creativity is free! And from this foundation of freedom let us work together to build the power of success.

Why self publish?

1. Self publishing brings the individual, the family and the community together because that is what sustains it. It is a powerful development strategy.

2. Self Publishing bridges the gap between self expression and the sharing of knowledge. Thus wisdom, healing, transformation, humanity and truth become attainable. It is a tool of education.

3. Self publishing is a tool of equality and removes any perceived gaps in information, understanding and accessibility. It brings light to previously disadvantaged areas.

Nowadays when we do great works they can live on. Let us look at the journey of the e book.One writes a book with the full capacity of one’s heart, soul and divine inspiration. One finishes the work,editting it, formatting it and doing their very best. One takes the file save it as a pdf and send it online to be distributed for free. One retains access to that book to revise or delete it at will. However the e book takes on a life of its own as it sits online attracting an abundance of surfers and occassionally being downloaded, duplicated onto other systems. The e book went from an idea, and exists in multiple spaces and where it is needed and appreciated.

Self empowerment is the first step in other empowerment.

How to self publish?

Everything flows from the first step of desire for self-reliance … self satisfaction … self sustainability … self fulfillment … self achievement.

And then there comes the know-how

PURPOSE : Council your own awareness and know who is writing your book,
PREPARATION : Develop concepts fully edit exhaustively
PRESENTATION : Design simply and neatly.
PACKAGING : Network a limited print edition to friends, family, libraries
POSITIONING : Publish print on demand. is complete. Ebooks can be distributed through
PUBLIC : Hold the book close to your heart and know that you have done your best

Jim Bailey founder of Drum Magazine was my mentor : website

His posthumous titles include Airborne to Africa amd the New South Africa and the Friends around her … 

A great friend and pillar in this work is sustainable architect Adam Knight: Together we have put out his poetry books Cryptic Cynic and Happy Landings on Spaceship Earth.  The forthcoming title Holy Hurikuagga is a corresponding collaborative …

THE CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE 2part SERIES : Spirit Life & Spirit Reality is still in conceptual phase …

Among our major authors and researchers there is consensus that change is happening and we are not alone in the experience or manifestation of this change. Through the avenues of the heart is the direction my journey will take? That is if you remain centered. But, an infinite universe provides infinite possibilities and tremendously diverging options. Here are the questions the reader has to answer :  Who are We? Where do we come from? and What are we doing here? The answers to these questions will take you humbly to the foot of learning or what the Buddha described as “like shit on a stick, blowing in the wind.” Read the full transcripts here 


Responsibility is built upon the great knowledge of nature and natural law. The knowledge has grown out of lived experiences, lifetimes of conflict and the over-riding of human rights with commercial and maritime law. Knowledge is the new technology and is the difference between the unlimited and the limited potential that exist in the private and public spaces.

Know your rights to know your strength and know your unlimited potential.