WHAT IS A WRITER BUT HE OR SHE TASKED WITH THE SHARING OF LIGHT, LOVE AND LIFE ? The task at hand is to release all the creative blockages and set creativity free. Self publishing has brought the wheel to work to turn a full circle. There is benefit to ALL through self publishing. The writer depends on the reader to exist as a writer. There is a natural gateway between reader and writer. We create our narratives, we create our reality; because creativity is free!

Airborne to Africa by Jim Bailey: A celebration of the work of a great friend to many. Re-presented in honour of Jim’s love of life. May your whimsical words sweep through the hearts of all the friends you made and may there be many more friends warmed by your generous spirit of abundance. read more 

Airborne to Africa by Jim Bailey

New South Africa and the Friends around her by HM Stanley Jnr. A collection of poetry that offers a unique perspective from a unique man who lived a life like no other. HM Stanley Jnr was the pseudonym for Jim Bailey that he had to use whilst he worked with his pen and publishing career to bring in the great peaceful change that South African enjoyed. This collection of Jim Bailey’s poetry is a crucial perspective that awakens the reader to the thrilling abundance of Southern Africa and all the friends around her and is beautifully augmented by a collection of Drum magazine photos from unknown photographers.

The New South Africa and the friends around her by HM Stanley Jnr

The New South Africa and the friends around her by HM Stanley Jnr

POETRY BOOK : CRYPTIC CYNIC by adam knight: Adams sense of humour brings spiritual philosophy and practical solutions into the consciousness of all who have the pleasure to enjoy these works. also by adam, HAPPY LANDINGS ON SPACESHIP ARTH

Cryptic Cynic by Adam Knight

Cryptic Cynic by Adam Knight


Spirit Reality : Scripture for the new day

Megalithomania 2011 transcripts : Michael Tellinger: Wayne Herschel Presented Graham Hancock: Klaus Dona: Andrew Collins: Robert Temple: Hugh Newman: Antoine Gigal:
UFO Consciousness and Science transcripts: Michael Tellinger: Wayne Herschel: Jennifer Welch: James Gilliland: Laura Eisenhower: Lloyd Pye: Willem de Swart: Louise Claasen: Michael Ledwith: Kerry Cassidy: Alfred Webre: David R Hudson: Claire Janisch: William Brown:
Red Ice Radio Interviews: Barbara Hand Clow: George Kavassilas: Terje Toftenes: Alex Putney: Bob Friessell: Michael Cremo: John Lamb Lash: Penney Peirce: Anthony Peake:
Also including the transcription of the audio broadcast, Bringers of the Dawn from the Pleiades.
Among our major authors and researchers there is consensus that change is happening and we are not alone in the experience or manifestation of this change. Through the avenues of the heart is the direction my journey will take. As for the reader these texts offer tremendously diverging opinions around the questions, Who are We? Where do we come from? and What are we doing here? The answers to these questions are all personal and thus the scriptures for the new day are presented as humbly as Buddha presented his teachings, the Dharma, “like shit on a stick, blowing in the wind.” Read the full transcripts here 




The Art of Law

Dr Johan of the family Joubert was a veterinary surgeon and had a great knowledge of nature and natural law. He lived abroad in England and came into conflict with and studied commercial and maritime law. In these interview tapes conducted by Scott Cundill of the New Era (Economic Rights Alliance) Dr Joubert provides a thrilling combination of anecdotal wisdom and well researched facts. The reader is offered great information on the financial system and how it is built open the Bills of Exchange act and that there is a natural remedy built into this. Like for expansion there is contraction, for inflation there is deflation.

Dr Johan Joubert’s research leads us to a new comprehension of ourselves and our society that he describes as “a new technology.” This new technology teaches us the difference between the unlimited and the limited potential that exist in the private and public spaces.

This knowledge leads to; knowing your rights, knowing your strength and knowing your unlimited potential. Read the full transcripts here 


SELF publishing process is a simple process to follow to help each and every person in each and every creative discipline to … Publish yourself : Do it yourself with self satisfaction;  self sustainability; self fulfillment; self achievement. There is only one way. Everything flows from that first step to do it and do it yourself.

PURPOSE : Council your own awareness and know who is writing your book,
PREPARATION : Develop concepts and edit fully and exhaustively
PRESENTATION : Design simply and neatly.
PACKAGING : Network a limited print editions to 1. friends, family, 2. proofs, 3. referees, 4. libraries, 5. launch and 6. shops
POSITIONING : Publish print on demand and e books.
PUBLIC : Network

empowerment is the first step in other empowerment.

publishing brings the individual, the family and the community together because that is what sustains it. It is an uBuntu development strategy that bridges the gap between self expression and the sharing of knowledge. It is the tool of education, equality and  accessibility.

The African Midwife Institute….


Editors introduction
“Once you turn to the light you cannot turn back”

The ideas of ‘one-ness’ and ‘one love’ propose that we are all an aspect of the same whole. We cannot exist without one another. And as we awaken to this simple truth all our activities such as work, life, society and economy become absolutely totally people-centred and people driven. Serving others is serving ourselves and the path to prosperity consciousness. With the help of others we begin to live the lives we choose and create for ourselves .

In ‘Labour of Love,’ Dr Bhengu shares a practical path to human development that is built upon the African Midwife philosophy. Dr Bhengu is a deeply spiritual person and the path that a labour of love follows says that work and the opportunity to express your talents and abilities through work is a foundation of ‘soul growth.’ Soul growth for one leads to soul growth for all. Such positive action in our day to day lives is the seed of ‘bringing heaven to earth.’ Heaven on earth certainly means abundance, prosperity and equality. Mother Earth has all we need and more as soon as we take responsibility for our own actions and learn to trust and love ourselves as we share in the fruits of creation. The African Midwife philosophy puts fulfilling one’s own God given talent and potential. Fully functioning people are the foundation for a better world! Dr Bhengu boldly addresses the outstanding issues of social justice and equality in our nation. Her simple analogies and sheer determination to create a better world paint a clear picture of the path ahead.


Editors introduction

“Not my will but thine will.”

My experience of near death is one of absolute nothingness and a state beyond duality consciousness. Duality consciousness generates conflict, competition and drama and is the essence of form issues such as competition, jealousy, inequality and hatred. Near death is peace and oneness. An experience of near death awakened me to the life beyond form and the matrix of the mind; to the life within life, the life within change, the life born from the heart. Through serious illness I realized the great privilege of forgetting my social conditioning and remembering my divine purpose. So as dis-ease can be a catalyst for ease so illness can be a catalyst for healing. This is the dance of life, what the Buddhists call the cycle of Samsara, beyond which is Nirvana.

I take “I am that I am;” to mean that “God is.” Referring to God as He, does not designate gender. ‘He’ is a name for the most high, Divine, God, Lord Almighty: a Force, our Source, the essence of love, forever and ever, Amen.

Thank you MaBhengu for your passionate efforts in helping others to help themselves; thank you to family and friends for helping us to help one another and thank you to the African people and the African continent for holding the meaning of uBuntu in our hearts.


Editors introduction

Within there is.’ RUMI

The philosophy of the African Midwife is that of the sacred interconnectedness of all things and the unity of human beings as we exist in relation to one another and the Almighty, Supreme, Great Architect of Africa, Yawheh, Allah, God, uNkulunkulu, Modimo, Adonai… We are ‘one’.

The writing of African Midwife reflects MaBhengu’s extraordinary gift as a public orator. Witnessing the launch of her book publically at the African Renaissance gathering 25/05/2010 heightened our awareness as an audience. Like a musician calling on the magic of his/her muse she was conversing with the audience at a soul level. The cover photograph taken by Matthew Willman, pictures MaBhengu seated in ‘the dreams for Africa Chair,’ in appreciation of her contribution to society. The photograph has been used for exhibition in RSA. The dreams for Africa chair came about in 2009 when two hundred HIV & Aids positive women from the Inanda Valley, Kwa Zulu – Natal came together to create a platform for the great tapestry of South African stories and experiences to be told. This initiative is supported by the Hillcrest Aids Centre and this chair is traveling around South Africa inviting people from all walks of life to sit in the chair and to share their dreams, to tell their story. Their slogan is ‘Masibambisane.’ “We are working together.”

I give appreciation for a wonderful midwife, Tessa Douglas who extended the midwife network to make this book a reality and for Graham Michael Lesch, through whose autobiographical work – Shadows of Justice, a foundation for independent and authentic expression was set.

“Beyond Form” means moving beyond physical, emotional and thought form to reach our highest potential. It is about operating beyond one’s conditioned mind and limitation. External reality is shaped by internal reality. Transformation comes through focusing on the internal (inside or heart and mind) issues in our efforts to give birth to a better country and world. A shift in consciousness has proved to have profound influence on how one acts in the world and interacts with others. The ‘African Midwife’ is a vehicle, extending the experience to those who are ready and willing to access the gift.

It simplifies and demistifies human development so it becomes everybody’s responsibility. Human development and personal growth is on going. Awakening creates a favourable context for the birth of fully developed persons.

Thank you : Ngiyabonga!
Struan Douglas