Self Publishing Know-how

Putting your Book out there

The task at hand is to release all the creative blockages and set creativity free. This is the ultimately release. For the self published author the value of sales stacks up against the need for self expression: For any quotations on self publishing contact Struan Douglas.

It started with the internet and the rise of self publishing. This initially brought the circles of a gift economy to work so that the wheel could turn a full circle. The writer depends on the reader to exist as a writer just as the storyteller depends on the listener to receive their stories.  There is a natural gateway between reader and writer. We create our narratives, we create our reality; because creativity is free!

I have helped many independent authors to unleash their creativity and release their writing :  … from conception to completion one can do it one’s self

Why publishing self can be great too :

1. Self publishing brings the individual, the family and the community together because that is what sustains it. It is a powerful development strategy.

2. Self Publishing bridges the gap between self expression and the sharing of knowledge. Thus wisdom, healing, transformation, humanity and truth become attainable. It is a tool of education.

3. Self publishing is a tool of equality and removes any perceived gaps in information, understanding and accessibility. It brings light to previously disadvantaged areas.

Nowadays when we do great works they can live on. Let us look at the journey of the e book.One writes a book with the full capacity of one’s heart, soul and divine inspiration. One finishes the work,editing it, formatting it and doing their very best. One takes the file save it as a pdf and send it online to be distributed for free. One retains access to that book to revise or delete it at will. However the e book takes on a life of its own as it sits online attracting an abundance of surfers and occasionally being downloaded, duplicated onto other systems. The e book went from an idea, and exists in multiple spaces and where it is needed and appreciated.

Self empowerment is the first step in other empowerment.

How to publish?

Everything flows from the first step of desire for self-reliance … self satisfaction … self sustainability … self fulfillment … self achievement.

And then there comes the know-how

PURPOSE : Council your own awareness and know who is writing your book,
PREPARATION : Develop concepts fully edit exhaustively
PRESENTATION : Design simply and neatly.
PACKAGING : Network a limited print edition to friends, family, libraries
POSITIONING : Publish print on demand. is complete.
PUBLIC : Hold the book close to your heart and know when you are done and celebrate that with a launch:

Some of the authors he has helped include : The African Midwife Institute…. He worked with Dr Bhengu in editing and compiling the African Midwife Series : He is currently working with Lesley Ann Van Selm to reconstitute and re-release the Credo Mutwa African story-telling archive …



The Works of Credo Mutwa : Credo Mutwa is proclaimed a Sanusi (diviner/witchdoctor), and a Sangoma (a traditional leader or diviner). He is regarded as a ‘Number One Master’ in South Africa. He is the grandson of the High Witchdoctor to the Zulu King Dingane and to be the leader of South Africa’s thousands of African healers and diviners.

Some newspaper articles have described him as: “the most distinguished African traditional leader in the world”. He is also a successful artist; philosopher; storyteller; sculptor; nature conservationist and narrator of his own created fables. He is recognised for his ground-breaking books on African mythology and spiritual beliefs.

In 1986 Lesley Ann Van Selm became Credo Mutwa’s business partner producing twelve unbelievable years of work and fulfilling Mutwa’s single most burning desire to have his work archived.

This archive is being prepared for release by Struan Douglas :