Helping authors tell their story

Struan Douglas has honours in Philosophy and Religion from the Social Sciences Department UCT 1997 … Some of the ideas he champions are “togetherness” and “African wisdom systems.”


Sustainable Architect Adam Knight 


Adams sense of humour brings spiritual philosophy and practical solutions into the consciousness of all who have the pleasure to enjoy these works. also by Adam, HAPPY LANDINGS ON SPACESHIP EARTH

Cryptic Cynic by Adam Knight


Jim Bailey, poet traveller CBE and Pan African Publisher   

New South Africa and the Friends Around Her: A collection of poetry that offers a unique perspective from a unique man who lived a life like no other. Jim was the son of Sir Abe Bailey, an English gold and land baron in South Africa. This collection of Jim Bailey’s poetry is a crucial perspective that awakens the reader to the thrilling abundance of Southern Africa and all the friends around her. Compassion and love exists, is lived and experienced.

Airborne to Africa: A life lived in Africa to the pace of African Independence, the posthumous collection of the poems that described Jim Bailey’s love for Africa – the history, mystery and beauty, accompanied by photographs from Struan Douglas in Africa.

The Liberation History Foundation was established by Baba Archie Gumede to help recognise the true heroes of the struggle : 

Shadows of Justice by Graham Michael Lesch : This is a biography, and a ‘history from   the other side.’ It is an education into South Africa’s fascist. The author spent more than 27 years in more than 12 jails and through his great changes in life preserved a humorous way of telling his story. He asked, what was the struggle all about? The author was dyslexic and learnt to read after shock treatment. read more 

The Works of Credo Mutwa :

Credo Mutwa is proclaimed a Sanusi (diviner/witchdoctor), and a Sangoma (a traditional leader or diviner). He is regarded as a ‘Number One Master’ in South Africa. He is the grandson of the High Witchdoctor to the Zulu King Dingane and to be the leader of South Africa’s thousands of African healers and diviners.

Some newspaper articles have described him as: “the most distinguished African traditional leader in the world”. He is also a successful artist; philosopher; storyteller; sculptor; nature conservationist and narrator of his own created fables. He is recognised for his ground-breaking books on African mythology and spiritual beliefs.

In 1986 Lesley Ann Van Selm became Credo Mutwa’s business partner producing twelve unbelievable years of work and fulfilling Mutwa’s single most burning desire to have his work archived.

This archive is being prepared for release by Struan Douglas :

The African Midwife Institute….

He worked with Dr Bhengu in editing and compiling the African Midwife Series : He is currently working with Lesley Ann Van Selm to reconstitute and re-release the Credo Mutwa African story-telling archive …