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The myth of Sophia

Sally Motlana Tricia Sibbons #sophiatownheritage

Sally Motlana Tricia Sibbons #sophiatownheritage

Sophia is the divine feminine, the great Mother archetype, the feminine archetype. Sophia is all the goddesses of our mythology, African and cultural. She is an energy, that is divine feminine but united with the masculine. She is one-ness.

“Sophia energy is a totality of wisdom, we accept her as both the black goddess and the transcendent spirit of the world soul.” Laura Eisenhower

The scriptures tell us, Sophia was present at the beginning of creation . . . participating at the side of the Lord in the work of creation.’

Sophia has an extraordinary chapter in the cultural heritage of this country. Exactly 66 years ago, Sophia was at her peak in the imagination of the freedom seekers; musicians, artists, fashionisto’s, politicians and professionals. Her energy was highly activated in a place  called Sophiatown, West of Johannesburg, which become a heartland for the expression of unity and togetherness.

It was the divine mother who created the golden era of Sophiatown Renaissance. On her sacrifice to give her children a better life, the new generation set about to create a better world for one and all.

“Mother turned our home into a shebeen, worked 14 hours a day brewing and pressing homebrews called skokiaan and barberton and from the proceeds, she educated me to high school and the two girls to primary school.” Bloke Modisane

“The new mother archetype was required to bring out in her children their artistry, intellectual abilities and an integrated persona.” Olga Corner

In the 1930’s, it was the mama’s who sacrificed themselves to the brewing of beer (umqombothi, skokiaan or barberton) to give their children a better life. And by the 1950’s, this new generation of creativity came to fruition, as it set about to create a better world for one and all.

Yet in true archetypal legend, as the goodness flowed from the collective hearts, the evil rose up to meet the good. The principles and actions of uBuntu, Botho, togetherness was met with division, separation, apartheid. And thus by 1963, the energy of Sophia was chased from Sophiatown. The golden era that had formed around her was abruptly ended and the people and places of Sophiatown were destroyed.

In 1994, the Mandela government was the first symbol of a splendid transformation and the return of the divine feminine, Sophia.

“Nelson Mandela held the new mother archetype within his intelligence in the form of ‘tata.’ “He was a perfect example of a being who had attained apotheosis. The higher truths of a new kind of mother archetype that saves and redeems; a novel mother archetype that provides the necessary space and healing for us to reach the stars.” Olga Corner

Today it is 2015 and the spirit of Sophia is still moving. In the heart of Sophiatown Sally Motlana continues with her cultural activism and Tricia Sibbons has custom built a centre for Sophiatown Heritage. From these heart centred actions a new light is projected onto all the forgotten dreams and broken hearts, to forgive let, go, repair and renew.  

Where we had Father Trevor Huddleston, the Drum offices and the informal houses of yesteryear, we have the Sophiatown Culture Heritage Centre today. And where we have the great works of wisdom and imagination of the Matshikiza’s, Themba’s and Modisane’s of yesteryear we have Olga Corner’s novel “Love Coins of Sophiatown,” Vusi Mchunu’s research into the “Sophiatown Renaissance.” Where we had the boogie music of marabi catching a big swing with African Jazz yesteryear, today we have a spiritual movement of self knowledge and healing through jazz …

You see, it is all the same story. It is always us : the human family in the great dance of life, living life courageously, joyously, abundantly, where the now is all there is.

And this is the welcome of Sophiatown. You have to be it to believe it. You have to live it to know it, you have to experience it to internalise it.

Sophiatown is alive. The divine feminie, the energy of omeness, togetherness, unity uBuntu, Botho is alive. We are alive. Let’s enjoy it together.