SHINE is a musical collaborative started by rock guitarist Mike Smuts : Live performances continue to be enjoyed at openings, galleries, exhibitions and markets : The combination of flugel horn and electric guitar heard over smooth jazz backtracks provides a non specific yet soothing sound … Contact

Shine busking project at 27 boxes Melville: Mike Smuts guitar Struan Douglas trumpet

Stru cut his teeth on live music production in Cape Town with multi media events such as Wondergigs and Cape Town Maputo Festival : Recordings from these events continue to emerge : More information :

The inner meaning and importance of live music was nurtured in Durban and Stru came alive :

There are many musical friends : Here we pay tribute to Elias and Thabane from the Story of SA Jazz Volume One May 2015


And in Johannesburg a Sophiatown Heritage Ensemble was created in November 2015 to celebrate the elders and cross cultural collaborators … from the Story of SA Jazz Volume One


This show was a knock out in many ways … hence the title – the fire that set Sophia free ! For Sophia is a mythological being deep in our subconscious … She represents the unity of the divine feminine … To set her free is to set us free in the direction of togetherness, one-nes and united in body mind and soul … And music performed by the great musicians in a conscious collective of collaboration and shared delight is the medium for transformation …


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