To fulfil the urgent need for  Digital platforms, VOD ideas (Video on Demand), streaming, podcasts, social media, webinars, short animations and documentaries, etc. has created an Online curriculum-based learning for South African Jazz

Steel ‘n Brass performing on international busking day Moral Kiosk

Produced albums: Afribeat Compilation (2000), Archive Africa (2001), Moment in Cape Town (2002), Goema Captains of Cape Town (2003). Visit Produced events: Wondergigs (2001-2), The Story of South African Jazz: LIVE (2015 – ) Video: 

Live Performance: Shine (2015 – )  Steel ‘n Brass (2018 – ) Azuri Street Symphony (2018 -)  Book: 

STEEL ‘N BRASS features Richard Bruyns lapsteel guitar, Struan Douglas Flugel horn 

SHINE:  features Mike Smuts guitar Struan Douglas flugel horn




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