Turn up the volume of love to full

“The earths energy has become very angry with our behaviour. I was standing somewhere between the human beings and the earths energy and I saw the earths energy sinking. And as the earth’s energy was sinking, I started to see people dying from strange diseases that could not be cured, from killing each other, from floods, from hunger. And then from my left side came voices of beautiful singing that the energy of the earth said let me hold on for a second and listen and as it listened it came back and embraced us!” 

Stella Chirweshe (2001 Fespam Congo Brazaville)

In preparation for the 4:45AM light meditation taking place in South African time on April 5th I entered the light meditation a week earlier. I discovered my mind was racing with various dissatisfactions and disappointments.

The dystopian world-views from our mainstream media in countess films and news channels has slowly confined the collective imagination in a total acceptable for the ongoing destruction of planet Earth. The satellites that encase planet Earth, together with the increases in radiation have hampered the movement of light vibrations in and off the planet. The destruction of earth through mining and sinking vast metal shafts for building foundations has damaged the Earth’s healing vibrations. 

Accessing the primordial sound of the slow and steady Ohm is one sure way to still the mind. And from that space of peace, a new sound, a sonorous tune, began to be sung.

This was the song that came to mind : “Let there be light and there was light.” I offer this as a meditation in this time of global crisis. My wish would be to hear it as a symphony between the veiled and the unveiled, offering an inter-connected cleansing for planet Earth. 

By singing or playing together we can create an energetic bond that will allow our shared intentions to ripple instantly throughout creation and manifest the world of our making.

Music is the language of mother Earth. She communicates in what scientists call sound vibration. Music is the harmonic expression of sound vibration. Music is a language our body vehicle (avatar) and higher selves can speak together. It is therefore a form of meditation.

Here beneath is this simple tune to help clear the mind and channel the energies of positivity to the global light movement: It is structured over a simple 12 bar blues:

Message from Anna Bacchia founder of the One Earth Choir: “Since the beginning of the One Earth Choir Project, I have always developed every communication in such a very careful way, in order to express an open participation to One Earth Choir for everyone: all religions, beliefs, cultures, people on Earth. The theme of the Project “we have many native languages, but one only human language, we are one only humanity” can be embraced really by every person. The deep sense and spirit of the One Earth Choir is to experience this oneness, all together, independently from any cultural differences.

The message you have sent is today spread all over the world, as a texture, as a network. We have received it from all continents. I understand that all the persons which will be touched by it, will spontaneously resound and follow it, in one of the many keys which are proposed by many organizations in the World. I can only respect such personal resonance. And everybody has to have the possibility to feel free to join what is touching him. The grand creative force of such global evolutive transition is such resonance. Profound and personal. Life itself speaks to us through resonance, which really brings us in a true spontaneous vital natural Syntony.” 

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