South African Jazz Go’s to the Schools

Story of South African Jazz presentation hosted by MHS : Schools attended St Johns Girls, PMB Girls High, St Annes and MHS Music students.

“Jazz is a unifying language. It brings people together and provides the vocabulary to have a great musical dialogue. SA jazz is a transformative shift to sharing. It is uBuntu in action.” Struan Douglas

The Story of South African Jazz has played a central role in the development of the multi-cultural and globally relevant South Africa we have today. South African jazz has had 66 years of strong musical development in all corners of the world and has a rich potential for making an impact on future generations in historical, heritage and music education.

The Story of South African Jazz is first and foremost a textbook for education, the vision is to provide a foundation for the recognition of South African Jazz as a unique and inclusive urban expression from this area of the world.

As the Story of SA Jazz has been developed through a close analysis of the mentorship approach to learning the language of SA Jazz, it is an outstanding initiative for inculcating the inter-generational approach to learning allowing both old and young to come together, share, evolve, intuit and progress.

IEB, Grade 11’s learn about Cross-over, Kwaito, SA protest music, Afrikaans protest song & SA rock, whilst Grade 12’s learn about SA Urban music (instrumentation, improvisation, rhythm, melody and harmony, marabi progression, characteristics, leading artists, and the socio-political context) & Ingoma ebusuku styles including mbube and isicathamiya and early jazz including marabi, vocal jive jazz, kwela, jazz and mbaqanga.

1. Physical archive is deposited at ILAM
2. The PDF ARCHIVE of interview transcriptions, research and articles can be made available to institutions, universities, schools on a subscription basis.

Michaelhouse school 2020

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